Top 10 Tips To Prepare For A Showing


Tips to prepare for a showing

A good first impression is what you are striving for. Using some strategy, you can create a positive
experience for buyers, while drawing focus to your home’s highlights.

Here are my top 10 tips on how to prepare your house for a showing to set the mood for your potential buyers.

1. Make sure you keep up on your exterior yard duties to prevent any last-minute hassles and

2. On the inside, remove distractions like toys, laundry for a clean, minimal look. Keep bins
handy to put items in and take with you or tuck away in a place that will not be visible or looked

3. Hide cords out of sight. Collect all chargers that don’t need to be plugged in and stash them
away in a drawer neatly. These can be an eyesore if they’re hanging all over your home.

4. Put away personal items. Any jewelry or items of value should be put away.

5. Have a plan on what to do with your pets and any pet toys, litter boxes.

6. Deodorize, neutralize and freshen up. Do not cook foods that will linger before a showing.
Different scents impact how we perceive situations and people.

7. Burning a candle before leaving and turning off on your way out can help to leave a mild,
pleasant scent.

8. Freshen up bathrooms and kitchen with mild cleaning products. Keep house vacuumed for
any last-minute showings.

9. Take out any garbage in all trash cans.

10. Play some soft background music and turn on all lights for ambiance.

Follow along for more tips and tricks about selling and buying your home. Read more posts on selling here.

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