Top 3 Things People Don’t Know About Buying A House


Over the course of my time in real estate, I’ve had clients think they are ready to buy a home but have the wrong misconception of what they should expect and how it’s going to go.

Here are the top 3 things that I have found people do not know when looking to buy a home.

1. We will find the perfect house with EVERYTHING ON OUR WISH LIST. Typically, you will
find a home with most of what you want. About 70-80 Percent. The key is to find a
home with good bones, in your desirable location with most of the things on your list.
Other things can be improved on.

2. During inspections, we will ask for everything an inspector calls out. Not the case if you
want the sellers to engage negotiating with you. Most inspectors will give you a
complete laundry list of everything you need to know in terms of maintenance and
potential problems. The key is to look for items that can be a hazard or structurally
affect the integrity of the home. No house is 100% perfect.

3. I do not need to prepare to buy a house. Yes, you should have a plan. From getting pre-
approved, your timeline to move and making sure you have your moving company lined
up. All are logistics that need to be done ahead of time.

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